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~ Welcome to Anghellic Legacy. ~
We are a casual guild, just looking to have fun and help each other out.

First and foremost, our goal is to keep this game fun. It's important to remember that its the reason we play this game in the first place. Taking this game too seriously starts to take its toll on that.
That being said, If you can get along with your guild members, and are willing to help out when you can, we will do the same for you. Anyone is welcome as long as they don't cause too much trouble with the guild, or with other guilds as well.

~ Rules for the guild ~
These are simple and easy to follow, if you can abide by them, we will have no issues.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in a kick from the guild.
> Be kind to other players. - We play this game to either get away from drama, or to relieve stress, to have fun. We don't want to have to deal with somebody causing trouble, and neither do you.
> Don't cause unnecessary drama with the guild or players - By causing trouble (drama) with others, you set a bad example for the guild, and we can't have that.
> Guild Bank abuse. - Bank logs are monitored daily. Our guild bank is for the guild, to help its members when needed. Not for you to simply make a profit. Simply put, if you take something, just leave something in return. Members who excessively take items consistently without contributing something in return will be demoted. Severe cases will result in being kicked from the guild.

~ Promotions ~
A promotion is a recognition of your contribution to the guild and to your fellow guild members. To progress to a high rank requires activity with the guild, and a fine demonstration that you care for the guild itself.

Looking to become an officer?
Officers are our highest rank in the guild. They have shown time and again that they care for the guild, and its members. Providing information to the other members, and helping whenever they can. Officers are our most trusted members.
To be come an officer you have to demonstrate the core values of the guild, and show that you can help others, as well as take care of the guild.

We are a casual guild in nature, we aim to have fun, and help each other out.
Our goal is to help out those who are new to the game, as well as dive into the end game content for players at the level cap. We will be raiding, in time we will have core raid groups, as well as alt groups for those who wish to get started raiding as well.

When making this guild, I wanted to make a home for anyone who wished to stay, to have a place that can offer a little of everything to each player. Without members who want the same thing, this can't happen. I will do everything I can to make that happen, but I need the help of the members. Thank you.
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